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“Finally, a product that suits my sensitve skin, and it gets absorbed without leaving a greasy shine behind”.
Farah, London

“Just to let you know how impressed I am with the Halo Light Moisturising Cream. It is a pleasure to find a face cream which is both non-greasy and leaves the skin soft and moisturised - it more than lives up to the description in Seedling Showcase from the Vegetarian Society. I will definitely be back for more and will look out for any future products from Halo. Kind regards,
C Phipps, Devon

“Hi there, just a line or two to tell you how much I like the product. I am very sensitive to chemicals and additives but have no problem using the lotion, and find that it is quickly absorbed and stops my skin from being sore and dry. I am looking forward to any new products in the range, which I hope will stay unfragranced and pure.”
P Robinson, Cheshire UK

“I’ve been trying a number of different things for my dry skin and Halo has been a big help! Thanks!”
Laurel G, Cheshire

“My skin feels softer and velvety”
Mehenaz, Redbridge

My skin did not react to Halo as it does to other creams I use. It was soothing and compatible with my skin. It felt moisturised and smooth. I hope they develop a night cream too. I recommend Halo for sensitive prone skin, 5 stars for effectiveness and suitability.
B H London

“My skin feels softer, smoother and looks clearer and even toned”
M S Berkshire

“Excellent product, all the family use it!”
M Abdullah, Yorkshire

“Hi,I put in an order for 4 botttles of cream after having tried one out successfully. I have a skin condition called perioral dermatitis and have struggled to find something that does not trigger my allergies but also moisturises enough to keep my skin smooth. If it dries out it is extremely itchy. Having tried a few other products paraben-free etc, this is by far the best, so I ordered 4 more to make sure I had enough!! My skin is much improved and being vegetarian and a keen environmentalist, the fact it is endorsed by the Vegetarian Society and made and packaged in the UK is an added bonus. Thankyou! Regards” Angela F, Essex

“I have recently developed an allergy to skin cream for some reason, so I have not been able to use any of my moisturisers that I usually use, the (Halo) moisturiser does its job, i.e. not greasy, and enough to keep my skin supple and smooth and not tight or itchy...”
Amaani, London

“My skin felt great...really moisturized and not as dry as it used to be” Layla, Stockport

“I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your product. I think it is ideal for me as the main advantage is that it is halal.”
A. Dudha, Blackburn

“I am e-mailing to congratulate you and encourage you on the production of the first UK based halal moisturising cream that is fully certified by a recognised body such as HMC.”
Marrouf S.Leicester

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