Halo was founded in 2007, by Soni Shah, after her own search for natural, unperfumed, paraben-free skincare products revealed that there was very little choice in the UK market.

Soni, herself a science graduate from Oxford University and Imperial College London, worked alongside UK skincare experts to exacting EU regulations and vegan specifications, to formulate the high quality Halo brand.

Halo launched their first skincare product – a moisturising cream, light enough for everyday use, and pure enough for those with sensitive skin. We were delighted when in 2008 our natural face cream won the prestigious ‘Best Beauty Product of the Year’ Award from the Vegetarian Society of the UK.

Ten years on, Halo has gone further to produce an organic certified range responding to the needs of those looking for a high quality, yet affordable and ethical skincare brand.

“As health-conscious consumers, we have become far more concerned about what we put on our skin, and aware of the benefits of natural ingredients over their synthetic alternatives.” Soni Shah

Our products are formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin and so can be used by everyone as part of your daily skincare routine.